This is my 26th season as the Head Men’s Golf Coach at an ACC university.  In that role I am responsible for not only the athletic success of our student-athletes, but the academic results as well.  Our school is a very challenging academic institution and being able to succeed on that side of the equation is critical to their athletic performance.  If a player is struggling in the classroom, then they will probably struggle on the golf course.  

Consequently, the role of our academic advisor is critical to the success in both areas of our program. The program has enjoyed some incredible results in both areas.  There is no question that we have had some unmatched support in our academic area and Lindsay Sundberg is a shining example of that excellence.  Our players miss more class than any other Division athletics and face some significant challenges to get it all done in a day.  

Lindsay had to manage our entire academic program.  This included developing schedules, tutoring, and mentoring young men as they transition from high school to a major academic program. Although most of our players come from very positive home environments, but many of them do not possess the skills and perspective to succeed in the classroom  Their focus has primarily been on their sport and the relationship they establish with their academic advisor is critical to their college success and experience.  This is where Lindsay was special! Her ability to inspire, mentor, and gain young men’s trust was amazing to witness.  During her time here we graduated every player and maintained a Dean’s List Cumulative grade point average.  

Her commitment to our players was evident each and every day.  There was nothing 8 to 5 about her job here.  She made herself available to our players all hours of the day and night.  This created a tremendous amount trust between Lindsay and our players.  She truly embodied the spirit of “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care!” She was able to reach our young men because they felt her care for them.  

She was a part of our family and we hated to see her leave.  Anyone who spent or gets to spend time with her is better for having that experience.  We miss her very much, but sometimes you have to share special people with others! We will always wish her the best in her chosen profession and know that someone is being blessed with her association.

-ACC Golf Coach