I am currently employed at Duke University in the Career Center which falls under the Division of Student Affairs. I  serve as Assistant Director and my advising portfolio includes: Government, Law, Education and Nonprofit.
I worked with Lindsay on two different occasions. We were first Assistant Academic Coordinators at NC State. Her primary responsibility was working with the Men’s Basketball program. She had the ability of creating working relationships with the student-athletes very quickly which very much worked to her advantage. With a high profile program, being able to gain the trust of the players and coaches enabled her to grow right into their working program and be of assistance to the student-athletes. Her vast knowledge of many academic disciplines is also one of her strong points and she was able to assist the student-athletes in almost all of the courses.
We then had the privilege to both be hired at the same time at Stony Brook University. She was now working with the Football program and I was with Women’s Basketball and a host of other Olympic Sports. Her knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations quickly made her a valuable asset to the Football Program. She again quickly developed amazing working relationships not only with the players but with the Head Coach.
Her passion for mentoring and guiding these young men and women was present in her every day work. She is dedicated to the success of her students and supports them not only on the field/court but in life.