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What has more influence on College athletic recruiting - highlight reel or academic transcript?

Does your student-athlete have the ambitions to play college athletics? College seems a lifetime away when your child is just getting settled in as a freshman or sophomore in high school. But most parents realize being recruited for a college sports team is highly competitive, with only the top student-athletes in the sport winning a spot on the roster. According to the "Varsity Odds 2020" on, only 7% of high school athletes go on the play college sports, and only 2% will play Division 1 sports. Even less get financial incentives to play.

Achieving that college sports dream demands time and money from the parent as well as an athlete with dedication and a track record of success in their sport. But in reality, being a stand-out athlete with a remarkable track record and an impressive highlight reel isn't enough. A critical part of the puzzle many parents (and students) don't realize until it's too late is the cutthroat academic competition to be considered for college sports.

Focusing on good grades early in high school can be a game-changer in college athletic recruiting and admission advantages. Too many talented high school athletes neglect their grades freshman and sophomore year and try to play catch up at the end, but it's often too late to make up the lost ground. College coaches understand they'll have little influence on a student's study habits once they arrive at College. They often only consider students who are competitive in the academic admissions department.

"The first part of the process in athletic recruiting for most colleges is looking at the student athlete's academic profile. Many coaches won't even look at an athlete's highlight reel unless the student's high school transcripts meet the expectations of the admissions department," explained AC4SA Founder Lindsay Sundberg, formerly Director of Athletic Student Services at the Georgia Tech University.

The typical teenage distractions stack up on top of the time, pressure, drama, and stress of being a competitive high school athlete. Schoolwork often takes a back seat in their priorities, and at the same time, parents lose some of their influence. Yet, to keep the door open to college athletics, students need to realize the high school course selections, levels, and grades make a difference right out of the gate.

Athletic Coaching for Student-Athletes AC4SA prepares athletes and parents for the academic competition that is a critical part of college athletic recruiting. To get started, the AC4SA Transcript Review Service provides an objective yet informed evaluation of the student's academic progress to date compared to the requirements profile of the College they are hoping to attend. They chart the student's academic trajectory and reveal if they are on track to get in.

Key players at AC4SA have years of experience with collegiate athletic recruiting and provide valuable insight into the process. In addition, all of theAC4SA success coaches are college graduates with a successful college athletic record. Their young authentic voice and perspective work miracles on high school students aiming in that same direction.

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