How We Work

Students & Parents

We partner with students/parents to ensure they have access to college sports.  We track NCAA eligibility and provide a roadmap for academic success.  Additionally, we can provide academic coaching services for targeted one-on-one support.

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AC4SA will ensure that your student athletes are on track to meet the NCAA Initial Eligibility Requirements. Additionally, AC4SA can monitor their progress through their high school years.  

Step 1

Student/Parent create an account and upload academic data into our secure portal.

Step 2

Student/Parent access their College Tracking page on their dashboard to view:

  • NCAA core courses completed and NCAA core GPA

  • Alerts to deficiencies in courses, GPA or test scores

  • Recommendations for next steps including course selection 

Step 3

AC4SA will update College Tracking page after each semester 

Academic Coaching

AC4SA will work one-on-one with student athletes to develop the skills needed to succeed at the collegiate level.

Step 1

Student and parents complete a free consultation to ensure a "good fit"

Step 2

Student/Parent upload academic data into our secure portal

Step 3

AC4SA will meet with students weekly through our secure portal

Step 4

AC4SA will send session reports to parents and provide resources to improve executive functioning and academic skills that need further development