What is a Success Coach?

The Success Coach’s objective is to advocate for the student-athlete, helping them achieve an improved quality of life on and off the field. Our success coaches are young, encouraging, relatable former college athletes that deliver credible advice and provide specific direction as well as the inspiration and the needed motivation to achieve success.

Success Coaches:

  • Provide One-on-One support.

  • Offer a secure setting for open dialogue and inquiry.

  • Help establish self-reliant systems and accountability.

  • Work on concrete goal setting exercises.

  • Use proven motivational techniques to inspire engagement. 

  • Teach established techniques to maintain focus and yield quicker results.

  • Chat with student-athletes about goals, aspirations, fears, and failures.

  • Support, encourage, reassure, inspire, and advise student-athletes.


Saying the right thing at the right time can make all the difference in affecting a person’s perspective and being. The AC4SA success coach’s goal is to help students find things that they could not see within themselves.