I serve as the Director of Student-Athlete Advising at the University of Oklahoma. In this role, I directly oversee the academic performance and academic provisions needed for the men’s football and men’s Gymnastics teams. 
I worked with Lindsay in a similar capacity at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). During that time I was able to see firsthand the passion that Lindsay has for helping student-athletes succeed. She worked with a wide range of student-athletes and successfully built relationships with each of them. It was through these relationships, that her students knew she was someone that they could trust and that she has their best interest at heart. 
Her roles included meeting with students to provide academic structure and support, advising students on courses for enrollment, and assisting students with career plans. The bulk of her time would be spent in working one-on-one with students to build the crucial skills needed to be successful in college level work i.e. time management, communicating with professors, and study skills. Many of the students she served lacked college readiness, therefore working with Lindsay was instrumental for their matriculation and eventually graduating from Georgia Tech. 
In addition to being a great worker, Lindsay is also a friend. She works well with others and is always willing to lend a helping hand to her peers and/or those in need.  She is a service orientated person and is someone that cares about people. 
In the past, she and I had spoken in length about her future endeavors and it’s so exciting to see her turn her vision into a reality.